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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Writer, Heed Thyself

Here's the other thing not to do when you've got sugar on the stove: wander around on the computer using my latest favorite time waster, StumbleUpon. Yes I, your faithful correspondent, only an hour after giving you a little mini-lecture on how not to make caramel, found myself gazing enraptured at this:

...which was part of an article entitled The Most Curious Canned Good Found Online from Wired Magazine. By the way, those are canned silkworm pupae.

Seconds later, every smoke alarm in the house was going off (and we have three floors of them), Don was rushing down the stairs to make sure I hadn't set myself on fire, and I was gazing into a pot of smoking molten black sugar.

What was I making? The sugar syrup for Babas au Rhum, Don's requested birthday dessert.

And can you believe I'm typing this while the next batch of syrup is boiling away on the stove? Yes, well THIS TIME I put a timer on it.

But stay tuned, because I've decided to make Hunan-Style Tea-Smoked Chicken for dinner. Maybe I can get the smoke alarms to go off again, just to make life exciting.


Anonymous said...

Silkworm pupae...un-yum. I ate 1/2 of a roasted mopane worm in Botswana, also un-yum.

I am a big fan of the dark chocolate cashew turtles from Prides Crossing Confectionery. Have you eaten these? How do the turtle brownies compare?

Melissa Bach Palladino said...

Hi Georgia! I have had those turtles--it's the exact same flavor profile but my caramel was rather a bit more runny. I think with a little more time on the stove for the sugar you'd get the same caramel consistency too.