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--Lee Gomes, The Wall Street Journal, May 28, 2008
"I should have told you before how much I've been enjoying reading your thoughts. You seem like such a great cook."

--Ruth Reichl, Editor-in-Chief of Gourmet Magazine, June 8 2008, comment on "Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream".

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I need an indexer!

Hi folks!

I'm realizing, the further I get through the book, the more I post and the more I cook and the more I think I've written about something but then can't find it, the more I realize what a crappy indexer I am.

First I was adding every label under the sun to every post, then I was not labeling at all, then I started streamlining them to simple categories. But as more people visit Cooking Gourmet I worry that my disorganized methodology will confuse or put folks off from searching for something tasty that they might want to cook tonight.

Anyway, if you've got a lot of free time and you like doing that sort of precise categorization, let me know and I'll add you as a "team member" so you can sort out the labels. I'll be eternally grateful. I'll also invite you to our big fois gras terrine party when we get to it.

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