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--Lee Gomes, The Wall Street Journal, May 28, 2008
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celery, Sesame and Tofu Salad from Gourmet Today

This is me, learning to love tofu. Okay, if not love, at least learning how versatile it is. Celery, Sesame and Tofu Salad is pretty quick to prepare and as long as you have the celery and tofu chances are you have the rest of the ingredients in your cupboard.

The celery and pressed tofu are tossed with a dressing of rice vinegar, sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds and a little soy sauce. And, that's it! Here are some things to love about this salad:

1. It's sturdy. Unlike other salads that wilt overnight, this one holds up--for me, over the course of 5 days in the fridge.

2. It's a nice alternative to salad with beans. If you're trying to cut back on meat but are bored with beans, here's a different way to add some protein to the mix. The downside is that this salad isn't especially filling, but oh well.

I'm not sure this salad has the oomph to be a main course (if you were so inclined), but it certainly makes a respectable component to a meal. It would be great with salmon!


Anonymous said...

The only way I can eat tofu is to swallow it quick before I really register what it is. I'm glad you haven't lied and insisted I won't even know it's tofu!

Hey, did you hear Ruth Reichl is going to be a judge on TCMasters in April?

Melissa Bach Palladino said...

No, that's cool! Give me a heads-up when that happens--would love to see her on TV.

Reading, Writing, Teaching, and Adventuring said...

Hi Melissa,

Made this as a side tonight, and could have eaten the entire dish (& not b/c it wasn't filling--I actually ate too much)! First time I've ever pressed tofu, and one of the only times I've ever eaten it raw (never prepared it that way myself), and it was YUMMY! Can't wait to share this with Rebecca W.! I did vary it slightly b/c it seemed to me that the recipe skimped on seasoning: used a full t of toasted sesame oil, used seasoned rice vinegar, used organic shoyu & tamari (little of each, no salt), and upped the toasted sesame seeds (I LOVE toasted sesame seeds)--with the pepper (same amount recommended) my dish was a lot more "freckled" looking that the picture. Thanks for the inspiration! :)