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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Veal Scallops with Lemons and Capers

I'm not sure, but I think this picture is in 3-D

Hi folks, and Happy New Year from Rockport, MA, where it's raining. Very strange for 12/31 in New England! But I'll take it over snow. 

I've decided to take a vow of internet moderation when I'm at home, which hopefully means I'll be doing more things like cooking, blogging about cooking, writing, reading, and maybe even a little housework from time to time. Kind of crazy!! And doing less things like swimming in the river of Facebook, shopping on ideeli and Fab, reading the news on the NYT and Slate (and Google Reader and popurls) and downloading porn. KIDDING. Just checking to see if you were still paying attention. 

Anyway, I actually cooked a dinner last night, which involved planning and stuff. Well done me! Since I had some veal scallopine in the freezer, I settled on Veal Scallops with Lemons and Capers, which since it also involves butter and white wine makes it pretty much the perfect flavor combo. Why don't they have gum with these flavors? Or at least popcorn? COME ON AMERICA GET IT RIGHT.

If you're feeling kind of ambitious but are really actually sort of lazy at heart this is the perfect dinner for you! Here's how you do it. Melt butter in a pan with some olive oil, and fry two or three pieces of veal scallopine that you've dredged in flour. Don't wander off to watch TV--these cook fast. Cook on both sides, and put them on a plate or something in a warm oven. Warm means like 135 degrees.

When you've cooked all the veal and it's staying warm in the oven, pour the white wine and chicken broth in the pan to deglaze and let it reduce for a bit, to about 1/3 cup. Then add butter, 3 tbsp, and let it melt. MMM BUTTER. Then throw in some drained capers, sliced lemons, and chopped parsley and swirl it all around together, and admire your mad mad culinary skillz. 

Time to eat! Pour the sauce on top of the veal! Add some salt and even pepper! Glory in the deliciousness that you've created! By the way, the lemons are actually not really edible unless you're super drunk or stoned. If you are, go for it! Don thought they were yellow summer squash and nibbled at one, but since he wasn't drunk or stoned, he figured it out pretty quick. 

Hey, what's up with the possibly 3-D picture above? Well, I got a new camera for Christmas (thanks Maddi and Don!!) and IT TAKES PICTURES IN 3-D. Now I just have to figure out how to view them in 3-D! Do I need special glasses? A new computer? Will it make me want to lick my monitor? 

Stay tuned, dear and lovely readers! And have a great effing year! 

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