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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Brioche Loaf

I know I promised to write the next day to tell you how the brioche turned out, and then I didn't...but I can tell you that it is a remarkably sturdy bread considering how tender it is--very serviceable. I used it all week for lunch.

I thought the dough looked like cake batter, and the finished result does look very cake-like--sort of pound-cake-ish. My one disappointment with it was that it didn't rise in the oven much at all--really just to the edge of the pan. I thought I might try another recipe a la Madeleine Kamman, but one of her recipes is a very laborious hand-mixing method, and the other one is for large-scale production. Still, with both of them she starts the oven off high and lowers it to 375 and I think I might try that. Sunday is often a bread-baking day for me so perhaps today is the day; I'll have to see what's going on at work.

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