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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Turkey Chipotle Chili and Brioche Dough

Turkey Chipotle Chili presented me with yet another opportunity to bemoan the lack of selection at the Shaw's on Eastern Ave. Why? Because I was looking for tomatillos of ANY sort--fresh, frozen, canned...I would have even settled for salsa with a tomatillo base. Yes senorita, we have no bananas, I mean tomatillos, today!

I swung around the corner to Stop and Shop to see if they might have them (after hedging my bets by buying a can of red diced toms)--S&S sometimes has things like fresh lemon grass. I don't quite understand why, since East Gloucester is probably the whitest neighborhood in Gloucester, but maybe it's to please experimental gourmands like me. Sure enough, they had a whole bin of fresh tomatillos, so home it was I went, never mind that two pounds cost me almost eight dollars! (I have to confess, sometimes I'm horrified by how much dinner ingredients cost, but I have a big old pair of blinders that I try to wear at all times.)

If you read the recipe on epicurious (which is of course the same one printed in the cookbook) you'll see that they describe this as a "green" chili--I'd say that's a bit of a stretch. It's more brown, unless you throw in that good handful of cilantro right at the VERY end. But boy is it tasty--lots of nice heat. We ate it with our friends Mark and Elizabeth at a Welcome Back from Vancouver dinner (with a nice British Columbian Merlot). Elizabeth likes to put avocado on top of chili, which I think is odd but brilliant since I love avocado.

You know, I've made Brioche Dough before, just once, maybe about 7-8 years ago. I don't remember it being like this, which is so wet it could be mistaken for cake batter. I followed the recipe carefully, so I know I wasn't misreading. Anyway, the recipe wants you to chill it overnight, and tomorrow I will bake it into a Brioche Loaf. I'll let you know how it goes.

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