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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Potato Pizza with Bacon & Rosemary, and Pecan Sables

There are many things that Potato Pizza with Bacon and Rosemary has going for it--homemade, crispy crust, bacon, rosemary, olive oil, good parm-reg...but the one thing I just couldn't cozy up to was the star of the show, potatoes. They were sliced thin and perfectly well cooked thanks to the 500 oven, but they just seemed...wrong. On pizza. The editors say in their recipe note that the pizza is Roman in inspiration, but I think I'll wait 'til I'm in Rome to do as the Romans do.


On the other hand, the Pecan Sables are an alluring combination of some of my all-time favorite ingredients: toasted pecans, butter, and just the right amount of salt to bring out the flavor. I actually must confess that I liked the sables in dough form better than cooked because of the extra pleasure hit you get from a creamy texture, but the baked version is really beautiful and of course you can't go around serving people little balls of cookie dough now, can you? Unless you're Ben & Jerry's and have the brilliant idea of putting it in ice cream. This dough would make excellent ice cream! Hmmm.......

Here's a picture of some Pecan Sables I didn't make (by the way in case you're wondering it's pronounced saab-LAYS...thanks to an accent over the "e" that I don't know how to make appear)--my sables are diamond shaped and much prettier (she said humbly).

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