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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Apple Galette and Bar Harbor

We had the most spectacular holiday weekend on Mount Desert Island--here I am with O'Malley on top of Champlain after climbing the Precipice Trail, the park's most challenging climb. If you can imagine basically climbing up and skirting a cliff face (to the height of about 1200 feet) using iron ladders and rungs you've got the idea. Oddly, I really loved this climb. I felt strong and confident, as long as I kept looking up and only took brief glances at the sheer drops below. There's a life lesson here somewhere.

Of course I must report on fabulous meals, and by far our best meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner, was had at 2 Cats Cafe in Bar Harbor, where Don and I had breakfast on our last morning. I had a smoked salmon,cream cheese and caper omelet (served with spicy homefries, a beautiful biscuit and strawberry butter), and Don had an omelet with apple, cheddar and walnuts.

This is their logo, taken from their website (their homepage, obviously). Eating there brought me back to my Maine hippie days, when I too wore tie-dye and birkenstocks and had a fabulous herb garden and doctored all my family with homeopathic remedies. Also when Liam, our waiter, brought our food he referred to me as "my lady", which earned him a 30% tip.

Best entertainment--ImprovAcadia, where we laughed so hard we were practically weeping. If you're a fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", you will be right at home in this audience. Their final skit was a dream sequence based on O'Malley's recounting of his day and somehow they got "neural transmitters", "background check", "sharp pointy things" (from the local weapons shop) and "Warrior Cats" (among other events) to cohere into a storyline that actually had a beginning and an end. It made O'Malley's weekend and possibly his year.

But even better than all that was reconnecting with some old friends. Lilea, Corinne, Spenser, Alexandra, Andy, Lyle--you made us feel like we were back home again. Especially you, Lilea. Big hugs from Rockport!

I can see I won't have time to tell you about the fabulous apple galette I made for book group last week, but that post will be coming soon. My hairdresser will be cranky if I make him wait and you don't want to make somebody cranky when they've got sharp scissors that they're about to apply to your head.

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