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--Lee Gomes, The Wall Street Journal, May 28, 2008
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mint Jelly

Could there be anything more gorgeous?

One of my co-workers has a patch of turbo-charged mint. I don't know exactly what kind it is, but it smells like heaven and is the secret, critical component in the totally awesome homemade iced tea I make all summer.

When Cindi brought in another armful last week, it was too chilly for iced tea. But I just couldn't let it go to waste so off I went to the supermarket for liquid pectin so I could make Mint Jelly.

And lest you think that mint jelly is a curiosity that no one ever eats, I'll tell you this story:

When I arrived at my current job three and a half years ago, one of the refrigerators was filled with homemade mint jelly. Eight or nine jars, some quite large, put up by the former cook. I was a little flummoxed, since mint jelly isn't anything I ever really ate.

It wasn't long before I discovered that lamb was a favorite in the house, and mint jelly was the preferred accompaniment to it.

Three and a half years later, not only are those jars long gone, we've moved on to store-bought. So I have every confidence that this mint jelly will find a happy home on many dinner plates.


Jessica said...

I've never even tried mint jelly...but I would like to! That being said, I'm not positive I'm going to do the canning chapter of TJOC. Canning=cost effective when you have a garden, expensive if you don't.

maggie said...

We ALWAYS used mint jelly on lamb loin chops growing up. It's just perfect.