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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Quick. Mounds or Almond Joy?

If you said Mounds, you're gonna love Snowballs.

An unnamed food editor at Gourmet took a childhood devotion to Mounds bars and applied it to a coconut macaroon by hiding a little nugget of bittersweet chocolate inside. Mounds bar, inside-out!

This recipe is pretty easy to make if you have a food processor, although you do have to procure some unsweetened, flaked coconut which is not generally found in a supermarket. I went to our local health food store where they bag their own from bulk.

Essential to the final product is the quality of chocolate you use. I had some Valrhona chocolate hanging around so I cut that into chunks. Can't go wrong with Valrhona.

It is a tiny bit fussy to measure exact tablespoons and shape the coconut around the chocolate, and you can't do much with your hands while you're shaping the cookies (like answer the phone or mute the television) because your hands get all sticky from the coconut.

I ate so many of these yesterday (quality control) that I'll have to make more today just to have a reasonable supply on hand.

By the way, obviously I was a Mounds girl. The only thing I just couldn't understand as a candy bar-eating youngster was why they couldn't make the best of both worlds and put an almond in the middle of the Mounds bar.

Hey, that gives me an idea....


Eve said...

They do look good, but I am glad I know they are coconut before opening the cookie tin and nabbing one...

is there a coconut free alternative? ;)

maggie said...

ooh fun. I bet these are delicious.