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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Creamy Slaw

Hey, doesn't that coleslaw look nice? I didn't make it! Somebody at Worldwide Gourmet did! Thank you Worldwide Gourmet for letting me use this picture without asking!

Why do I not have a picture of my own coleslaw? Because if you read the prior post you will see that I was in a big freakin' hurry to put this dinner together and so had no time for the niceties of photography, but don't we all love the internet where you can find all kinds of imagery, even imagery you're really not expecting. For example, I entered Creamy Slaw into the Google, and on the first page there were a few pictures of coleslaw on its own, and the rest were pictures of coleslaw on HOT DOGS. What is the deal with that? Everybody knows the only proper topping for hot dogs is sauerkraut because it's the best at masking the flavor of the hot dogs, especially if there is some really spicy mustard to go along with it.

Although it must be said that in Salem last weekend (home of Halloween wackiness this time of year) I had a pretty good hot dog--I was upsold to some kind of all beef hot dog which was truly the most hugely massive hot dog I've ever seen (I couldn't finish it--O'Malley did) and it was actually juicy, which is an experience I've never had with a hot dog. And now this whole post is making me uncomfortable because of the whole imagery thing and Jeez you people have dirty minds!!! Stop it!!

But back to the Creamy Slaw, believe it or not I still had some cabbage kicking around from earlier in the summer (hooray for veggies that have holding power!) and figured a) perfect opportunity to use it up b) because it's perfect with fried fish.

If you've made coleslaw before this will probably be familiar to you--this is the creamy slaw we all know and love from our childhoods. which is to say that it's pretty much equal parts mayo and sour cream w/ a little cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Best for me, NO SUGAR. I hatehatehate coleslaw that is sweet, which is why I usually eschew the coleslaw option from restaurants and supermarkets. What is wrong with people that they have to ruin a perfectly good salad with sugar?

I was also happy about this recipe because I got to use some late-appearing green peppers from some containers on our deck. Local cabbage AND peppers! How awesome is that?

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Georgia said...

I'll take your word for it. Am not a mayo or slaw fan, though would probably enjoy a sour cream only slaw.