"Perhaps the most impressive of all the cookbook blogs are the three devoted to the 2004 edition of Gourmet magazine's "The Gourmet Cookbook" -- all 5¼ pounds and 1,300-odd recipes of it. Befitting this culinary Everest, all three writers are overachievers in their professional lives."

--Lee Gomes, The Wall Street Journal, May 28, 2008
"I should have told you before how much I've been enjoying reading your thoughts. You seem like such a great cook."

--Ruth Reichl, Editor-in-Chief of Gourmet Magazine, June 8 2008, comment on "Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream".

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Pecans, Dried Apricots, and Dried Sour Cherries, Part Two

I had a chance to taste these yesterday, and they are as good in their baked state as they are in their dough state. They are so packed with dried fruit and nuts, that you can even talk yourself into thinking that they are dietarily virtuous.

Don't kid yourself. They're not. But if you're cheating, they're worth every bite.

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