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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bacon, Arugula, Tomato and Egg Sandwiches

After I made the tomato chutney this week, I was delighted to find this recipe, which is essentially a BLT fancied up a bit. The idea is that you're replacing the tomato with tomato chutney, the lettuce with arugula, and you're adding some substance with a little scrambled egg. Dr. S. LOVES BLTs, and they both adore sourdough. This is how it went:

Dr. S., after taking a bite: "Now what is it we're eating here in this sandwich?"
Me: "Well, it's kind of like a BLT, except tomato chutney instead of tomatoes."
Dr. S.: "And there's egg in it."
Me: "Yeah, to give it a little more..." (I gesture vaguely)
Dr. S.: "And there are raisins in it."
Me: "Yeah, those are in the tomato chutney. And it's on sourdough."
Mrs. S., chiming in: "I like sourdough."
Dr. S., after taking another bite: "I like it!"
Mrs. S.: "I do too."

God bless 'em. They're good sports.

I made one for myself, and here's what I think. The tomato chutney overpowers practically everything. The egg might as well not be there--I'm not sure why it is unless you were going for a fancy breakfast sandwich. I couldn't really even taste the arugula. If I were making another one, I would actually use thick-cut bacon (as the recipe directs) to stand up to the chutney (I used the bacon we had in the house), and I would spread the chutney on one side of the sandwich only--the other with mayo.

I did, of course, eat the whole thing, and so did the S.s.

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