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Monday, April 30, 2007

Salmon-Wrapped Poached Eggs

If you want to impress the heck out of somebody at breakfast, try this dish.

Salmon-Wrapped Poached Eggs has many virtues, and I'll list them here:

-it's colorful
-it is slightly less bad for you than egg dishes with hollandaise
-you could even make a case for it being GOOD for you because of the "smart fats"--avocado, omega-3s, and olive oil
-if you've ever cursed the heavens after your hollandaise sauce broke (or scrambled) you will love this sauce, which is sour cream mixed with lemon juice, herbs and some olive oil
-it tastes INCREDIBLE (assuming you like smoked salmon, avocado and eggs).

I didn't follow the recipe exactly--I didn't have brioche to use on the bottom, so I used sourdough for the S.s and rye at home for dinner for us. I also didn't have sorrel or arugula--I used spinach.

A new trick I learned--putting poached eggs on paper towels to drain. You would think, after the countless eggs Benedict variations I've made and served to the general public, that I'd have picked that one up, but I hadn't.

If you make this dish (and I think you should) don't bother trying to wrap the salmon around the poached egg. It's silly, a waste of time, and you risk breaking the egg. Just drape it across the top--it looks better and is more stable anyway.

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