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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mocha Fudge Sauce

Lest you think I'm rolling around in a heaven of ice cream, sauces and luscious desserts (I try to limit that to once a month) let me assure you that my string of dessert posts are more to do with my new organizational technique, and less to do with order of manufacture.

In other words, with 10-15 recipes waiting to be written about, how does one choose the order? Most memorable? Chronological? I finally decided to just pick a point and make my way to the back of the book, after which I would start at the beginning again.

And so here is the last waiting recipe in the "Frozen Desserts and Sweet Sauces" chapter, Mocha Fudge Sauce.

I was so keen on that Hot Fudge Sauce from the last post that I could hardly wait to make this sauce. And I LOVE mocha--in fact, I used to make my first husband crazy when we would go out to eat breakfast with my mocha phase (this was before the proliferation of Starbucks and its ilk)--I would very carefully tell the waitress that I wanted hot chocolate, but made with coffee, not water, and could they add a little milk? Ha! Yes, I'm one of those customers, or at least I used to be. Poor waitresses.

But I'm sorry to say I wasn't crazy about this sauce, and it's only because it just can't measure up to Hot Fudge Sauce. I actually made it because I was trying to get O'Malley to eat the vanilla ice cream languishing in the freezer, but he found the sauce to be too bitter for his taste.

This could also possibly be because I used

instead of

Possibly. I'm willing to try it again, because it IS chocolate after all, and it's more to my taste than, say, Strawberry Sauce, which is the recipe right next door and who knows when I'll make that. Although it is coming up on strawberry season...and I do have my bookgroup coming up...

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