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Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Haven-Style Clam Pizza and Concord Grape Jelly

No, not together, silly!! I just made them on the same day, that's all.

Now, let me just say, OH MY GOD...if you've never tried clam pizza, PLEASE try this recipe, or get yourself to New Haven and order some. My life may never be the same again.

A few small details will make the difference between so-so and outrageous. First, use fresh clams like they suggest, and don't forget to spoon some of the clam liquor onto the pizza--I used about 3 tablespoons. Also please use real parm-reg. The full three cloves of garlic in olive oil will make you reek the next day but will be oh-so-worth it, and don't forget the dried oregano. Also--thin crust, on a hot pizza stone. I could eat this pizza every day for the next ten years. A nice side salad and you've got a winner of a dinner.


The Concord Grape Jelly was kind of a pain to make. Why? Well, first you have to slip off the skins (that's at least an hour right there) and then whiz them in a processor with some sugar. Then boil with the grape innards and press through a food mill.

OK, I did have teeny tiny little Concord Grapes, but I cut the recipe in half and was thankful for it. Also I don't have a food mill but was happy to see that pressing it through a fine sieve worked just the same. And I got grape jelly all over the kitchen because when it boils it POPs up and splatters all over the place.

Still, the end result was delicioso, and I did not bother to can this stuff--I just parceled it out to people who wanted some after making sure the house jelly jars were well filled.

Happy, happy jelly eaters--folks who love grape jelly are a really dedicated bunch.

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