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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Parsley-Leaf Potatoes and Green Beans with Almonds

Parsley-Leaf Potatoes are so darn cute I can't believe that
a) I can't find a picture of them and
b) I burned the ones I cooked last night and so couldn't show them off in all their cute glory because I had to trim off the parsley part
and c) that every caterer on the planet hasn't appropriated this dish.

Talk about great effect for very little work! The idea is you cut a potato in half, press on a parsley leaf (or whatever flat herb you can find) and bake it cut side down on a buttered pan. Voila, decoupaged potatoes.

Me burning the potatoes is another story and has more to do with not setting a timer and then getting into a rare argument with a co-worker. But as my friend Zoritsa says, "In my country ve haf saying, that man who eat burn bread all his life vill never get hit by thunder."

I don't exactly understand what that means but it did make me feel better, especially since she ate all the burned potato disks hanging around the kitchen and rhapsodized about my cooking at the same time, which makes me think that either she really adores me or has very low standards.


I don't know what it is about Green Beans with Almonds--the combination, not the recipe per se. They just taste great together, and if you like this combination too, try it this way and see what you think. You grind the almonds ahead of time and saute them with garlic in butter, then toss them with lightly steamed green beans. I used the roasted garlic butter from the potato skins the night before. As "a cook from Denver" says on epicurious...

"it freaking rocks and rolls man"

What more do you need than that?

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