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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

catching up! and Long Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Rib-eye Steak with Wild Mushrooms, Chocolate Macaroons and Rumaki

Isn't it crazy how dependent we've become on our computers? When they go AWOL it really does turn the world upside-down.

I don't think I can comment at length on the meals I've cooked in the last week--that would be a mighty long post! You will note that I've provided links for the recipes if you want to check them out. With the exception of the Skillet Cornbread, they were all really outstanding. I don't know what happened with the cornbread--I've made it before, but for some reason it kind of separated and I had an eggy bottom and a crusty dry top. Hmm.

If you're thinking that maybe this all seems a little more hearty than usual, you're right...I have been cooking especially for some visitors to Dr. and Mrs. S.--their eldest child K. and her husband L. It seems funny to refer to K. as a child since she's in her early 60's! K. and L. love hearty food--beef, duck, lamb, cheese, beer, chocolate, coffee...you get the idea. And L., one of my favorites of all the in-laws and out-laws, is probably the one and only true hedonist in the family. A cook and a hedonist--we were made for each other, culinarily speaking. When they visit, I cook with L. mostly in mind since he's such a fabulous audience.

Over the past few days, I have made: Long Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Rib-eye Steak with Wild Mushrooms, Chocolate Macaroons and Rumaki. (I am quite amazed to find only one of these recipes on Epicurious!) I think the recipe that was the biggest revelation to me was the Lamb Shoulder--I've never cooked lamb like that (which is to order a 6 pound cut of lamb shoulder from the butcher). If you like pot roast you will die for this dish--likewise if you are a "picker"--somebody who hovers over the Thanksgiving turkey trying to get away with stealing just a little bit of skin--you will be in heaven. Please note it involves two bottles of white wine (probably another reason why I liked it so much)--at work we often have half-consumed bottles of wine hanging around (can you imagine?) so it was nice to be able to use them up.

Second favorite, the Chocolate Macaroons. The reason for liking these is easy--the ganache filling! It's a sandwich cookie, which is a little time consuming, but oh so worth it.

The recipe I probably won't make again--the Rumaki. I just can't resolve myself to canned water chestnuts, not after eating fresh ones. They taste terrible in comparison!! I read somewhere that jicama comes closest to capturing the texture and flavor of fresh--I might possibly try this again with jicama, maybe.

Thanks for checking back in and being patient--I think we're back on track now.

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