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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Poached Eggs on Artichoke Bottoms with Mushrooms and White Truffle Cream

I know you're not going to believe me when I say this, but Poached Eggs on Artichoke Bottoms etc. is a light dish.

Oh, but the cream! I hear you cry...well, yes, there is cream, and the egg yolk is rich too, but what this dish evokes is eggs Benedict, and what does that have? Typically some sort of bread, and also some kind of protein...ham, smoked salmon, Canadian bacon. This has neither. I'm not going to go so far as to say it's DIET, unless you're on the Atkins Diet and then it would fit right in.

Lightness, heaviness, dietetic, fattening--all that aside, this is one tasty breakfast that will wow anybody you're trying to impress. The flavors are subtle and play perfectly off each other.

Technically, it's a bit of a pain to trim artichokes. I doubled this recipe and it took me about half an hour to trim nine (keep in mind it was pretty darn early--maybe later I'd be faster and also because it was so early I didn't read the directions properly which said to do half the trimming AFTER you cook them, oh well). I did find myself wondering if art hearts existed in frozen form, and I see on epicurious that they do (from one of the recipe reviewers) but they're not in my store. I also couldn't find either porcini or cremini mushrooms, just baby bellas, and I know that would have altered the flavor ever so slightly. Not enough to scrub the mission though, if you can't find their suggested mushrooms.

Feedback quote of the day for this dish: E. (not E., finicky granddaughter, this is E., daughter-in-law, writer, and all-around sensitive soul) wandered in the kitchen after breakfast, praising the meal, and said that while she was eating it she fantasized about the house being an inn someday, with happy diners looking out over the view and enjoying similarly fabulous meals,and that somehow it felt like Italy to her.

I don't pay her, honest.

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