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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why You Should Guard Your Grill, or Grilled Lobster with Orange Chipotle Vinaigrette, Part II

Because a marauding seagull might steal half a lobster tail while you're not looking, that's why.

Darn things! Usually they just crap on my car early in the morning--they've never hassled us in the food arena. But last night, while I was inside getting something at the stove, I looked out the window and there was a white gull, big as day, standing next to my plate of split tails ready to go on the grill. I dashed out, yelling, but he had already absconded with one and flew off to a neighboring rooftop. And there was my lovely split lobster tail, incredibly visible and impossible to reach.

Good thing I bought three for the two of us, or I would have been apoplectic. Still, I stood over the grill jealously, keeping my eye on the gull that landed on the peak of our house and stood there regarding the proceedings with a cocked head and a beady eye. I took time out from turning the lobsters and sipping my gin and tonic to occasionally give him the finger, and he eventually lost interest and left.

If you haven't already tried Grilled Lobster with Orange Chipotle Vinaigrette, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time--you can't get a better summer dish. One technical note--don't cheat and use boxed orange juice for the vinaigrette. The first time I made this dish I used fresh squeezed, the second time (last night) I used Minute Maid or something like that--boy, it makes a difference. Still good, but not over-the-top. Regular readers may recall that I was so swoony over the vinaigrette last time that I wanted to drink it straight. I want you to have the same experience. Get out the citrus juicer!

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