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Friday, July 20, 2007

Broiled Bluefish Fillets with Fennel Mayonnaise and Corn on the Cob with Cheese and Lime

For some reason, I was worried about two recipes that involve mayonnaise on the same plate. Although if you put down a rb sandwich w/ mayo and, say, coleslaw in front of me I wouldn't think twice about scarfing it down! Weird, I know. I think it's just because these two dishes are new to me.

Well, not entirely new. The idea behind Broiled Bluefish with Fennel Mayonnaise is just the same as the way my parents have cooked swordfish since the beginning of time (except different). The difference is my parents use a thin layer of mayo and then sprinkle on dill weed, s&p. I make it that way for Dr. and Mrs. S., by the way, and Dr. S. invariably says it's the best swordfish he's ever had.

This is a fancy version of that. You dry-roast fennel seeds, then mince them with garlic and salt, which you then mix w/ mayo and lemon juice. Spread that on top of your bluefish and broil, and mmmm! I got my bluefish from the Cape Ann Farmer's Market today--it is in season and beautiful.

Speaking of in season, I went through the entire cookbook and noted "summer" recipes--the ones that focus on summer produce or cooking techniques (like cold soups). You should see my book--it's riffled with pink and orange sticky notes!

So here's another summer recipe--Corn on the Cob with Cheese and Lime. This is a variation of a street snack that is apparently sold in Mexico, and since I'd spent the entire day researching Mexico for my most recent story I thought it would be appropriate. It's also a dish I didn't dare make at work, because it just seemed kind of odd. Corn brushed with spiced mayonnise, rolled in crumbled feta and sprinkled with lime juice? Hmm.

So how was it, you may ask? I'll let my husband do the talking.

Me: So, what do you think of the corn?
Don: If I died right now, holding this piece of corn, I'd die happy.
Me: So you like it.
Don: If this room were suddenly filled with forty naked women, I wouldn't get up from this piece of corn.
Me: I see.
Don: Unless they had whips. Then I would get up right away.

This might tell you more about my husband than you care to know, but at the very least you know that this is definitely a recipe worth trying.

(Now, where can I find store that sells whips?)

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