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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fresh Corn Soup

I was watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare not too long ago and heard chef Gordon Ramsay make a suggestion to some poor beleaguered fellow that never ever would have occurred to me.

The situation was thus: the guy was making food that was costing too much, and Ramsay decided to stage a Broccoli-Soup-Making Competition to prove a point. They both made what they thought would be the best broccoli soup. The chef/owner made a soup pretty similar to what I would have made--he used broccoli, shallots, stock, cream, maybe some other stuff. He might even have thrown in some cheese.

Ramsay's soup beat the pants off this other fellow's. It was a really flavorful broccoli soup, and the other guy wanted to know what his secret was. The ingredients? Broccoli, water, and salt.

That's it. OF COURSE it tasted more like broccoli than the first one, and cost tons less money too. I was amazed by the concept, and resolved to try it out some day.

So when I came across the recipe for Fresh Corn Soup in the cookbook, I got very excited. The ingredients? Corn, water and salt. Garnish with chopped chives.

It will surprise you how flavorful and nice-to-eat this soup is. My diners simply could not believe that it was just corn. You can make this with any amount of fresh corn, just use 3/4 that amount salted water to cook it in. Puree, press through a sieve, and you've got lunch.

Ramsay, you're a genius.

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